40 minute

full Body



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Lagree Fit 415 is located in the heart of Mission Bay in San Francisco. Our goal at Lagree Fit 415 is to build a dynamic community and to give our clients an efficient and challenging full body workout in just 40 minutes. Our classes are intimate and our instructors will give you personalized instruction with focus on your form. We believe in working hard, having fun and seeing results.



Lagree Fit 415 is a boutique fitness studio that offers a 40 minute workout on the patented M3S Megaformer machine. The workout is based on the Lagree Method—founded by fitness revolutionary Sebastien Lagree—that targets the slow twitch muscle fibers by engaging in controlled movements which in turn activate your metabolism, burn fat and calories. It is the ONLY fitness program to effectively combine Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Core, Balance and Flexibility training not only in one session, but in each and every move. This patented method is one of the most innovative and intensive approaches to full body training. It is NOT pilates. You will be shaking, sweating and building long lean muscles in our signature 40 minute class. The workout is great for all fitness levels. We do not have ramps. We require sticky socks.